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26 July 2006 @ 04:08 am
Upon following the link, you are brought in front of the gates which lead, as far as you know, to the other side.

Little do you know what is truly on the other side of the gates!

You roll a d20 for a Strength test in an attempt to push open the gate. Unfortunately for you, these gates are magically sealed, and cannot be opened by conventional means. Only when one has the gatekeeper's permission (a being who appears to be not quite human, yet not quite alien, seated off to the side in a small guard booth, snoring happily away) can one enter.

Will you pay the toll?

(For those of you who have no artistic flair, what you need to do is comment to be friended. Then, and only then, you shall be allowed to enter. Also, I may or may not get you to answer me some questions three. It all depends on who you are, and my mood.

Enjoy. ^^)
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